Tuesday, July 12, 2011

There is Love

I find a lot of help, understanding, and comfort in lyrics, you know that about me by now, right?  While I still find it difficult to put it all into words what I experienced in Kenya I heard this song, came across this verse and keep coming back to this photo over and over again.  So, in this post I'll let them speak for themselves.  In snap shots this is where my heart is, it's what my heart is feeling, what my mind is consumed with.

 So, while I wait for this crazy head of mine to put all that I saw, felt and experience away into its little filling system, I get snap shots of thoughts and memories, quick and fleeting moments of clarity and understanding and I find myself searching.  Searching for God to speak, searching for a mission, a purpose.  I admit this is exactly where I was before I left for Kenya and I had desperately hoped that kenya would bring those answers.  It didn't, at least not in the, clouds parting, all went silent, epiphany moment kind of way. However, this search feels different.  It feels less selfish, I feel freer to let go.  Letting go is scary.  There is a lot of wants and ideas I have been holding onto with a death grip for a few years now.  All I know is, I was a part of God moving while in Kenya. There was a greater, eternal purpose that I was a part of and I want to spend the rest of my life pursuing the amazing-ness of knowing you are in the mist of His movements.

Here is the song:

Here are the Lyrics - Beautiful

When our hope is hard to
And our faith is in decline

We need a cause to
Stand behind - love
We all want the way it feels
Time it comes and time it steals
What remains, what is real - love

There is love
There is forgiveness
There is love in times of need
When life is cold
There is a promise
You will never go without
There is love

It heals the sick
Comforts the weak
Breaks the proud
Raises the meek
In this life no guarantees

Love is the answer
Love will find a way
When we love one another
It's a brighter day

This child's innocence haunts me.  His expression makes me smile every time I look at it.  They loved and made me want to love back. Made me want to live in a state of love. The children and the adults alike posses something, a hope, an understanding, I'm not sure what, but I know I want to be more like them. 

I tried out several verses for this photo/collage and settled on this one.  It seemed to fit my thoughts best at this time.

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