Friday, June 10, 2011

A Little Friday Funny

So, I always try to encourage someone to tap into their creative side.  It's something within all of us, some of us just have to dig a little deeper to tap in.  My husband is one of those people.  He's engineer minded, analytical, and a realist.  He is never caught day dreaming, he is rarely found thinking dreamily about the possibilities of life.  He likes routine, he prefers the basics and he just does what he does cuz that's what he does.  He. . .completes me.  He is the Yin to my Yang....or is he the Yang to my Yin....OK bad analogy. (note to self, don't write about stuff you don't fully understand!)
It's important to follow your muse, the things you enjoy the most, when digging that well to your creative pipeline.  I am proud of Brad's attempt!  His passion brought on this beautifully, lyrical, poem about something that he feels strongly about.  Way to go Brad!  Way to tap in! Even if it's a poem about.....MILKSHAKES!

Ode to Milkshake

There is a concoction so sweet and tasty,
when the consistency is right, it’s almost pasty.
Whether chocolate, strawberry, banana, or eggnog,
if it’s thick, you straw is sure to clog.

After sucking for what seems like an hour,
be assured, your reward will NOT be sour.
When the elixir passes your lips and finally hits your tongue,
it's sure to be heaven and this has only begun.

Rubbing the cup in your hands cools one off on a hot summer day,
there's really only one way to live – this is the way.
This action also helps to make the shake less thicker,
now you can deliver it to the brain much quicker.

The familiar “freeze” is now on its way,
for being a glutton, you’re sure to pay.
We all must be masochist in some small way,
for even this pain can’t keep us away.

Our lips meet the straw time and again,
sucking 'till our faces turn red and our neck muscles strain.
Crap! I’m now sucking air!
Oh, it was just a bubble – what a scare!

I thought this was the end of my joy,
happy once again, like a kid with a new toy.
It’s getting easier to suck, could this be the end of my bliss?
I’m certain as my straw reports back the tell-tale hiss.

It’s all over, my fun has come to an end.
Sad and depressed chagrin, however,
you could help – don’t you want to see me smile again?

Wonderful, right? (EYES ROLLING)  This was his attempt to get a co-worker to buy him a milkshake. I would have definitely obliged but she did not. So, the saga continued.

My wife just asked if she could post it on her blog for a Friday funny.
Perhaps it will reach the ears of someone not so stingy with their money.

Maybe someone sympathetic to all this heat,
will buy Scott and me an ice cream treat.

For we are learning the hard way that we cannot rely on you,
not to pay for entertainment, hard work, or even to give credit where it is due.

By the way, I don’t know what this “poet” is that you speak of.
I’m simply expressing my feelings for something that I love.

So, proud....... What a man!
Happy Friday to you all!

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