Friday, October 22, 2010

A Quote To Make You Say...hmmmm

I heard a quote recently that I wanted to share.

It reminds us that we are here to serve and engage ourselves in others, regardless of the fact that we may never see what God is doing in their lives, just be a shining light to those around you and know that God is doing the rest.

The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.

-- Nelson Henderson

No, I dont know who Nelson Henderson is.  I heard the quote on the radio the other day. I recorded it into my phone and then Googled it to see who originated the quote.  Let's face it, DJ's are cool and all but this is one of the quotes I just knew didn't originate from the guy who has the middle of the day shift.... no offense...

Eh, maybe I'll Google who Nelson Henderson is and find out some cool stuff. If so, I'll let you know! :0) Deal?

I suppose I could elaborate but I think I'll just let you think on it a bit.

I'll tell you what struck me when I heard it.  GIVE.  Give of your time, life, love, money, emotion, etc. (This is exactally what they wanted me to think because they were doing a pledge drive.  ...dang it,  I hate being manipulated...)

In today's age of Facebook, Twitter, blogging, texting and e-mail, we are people that THINK we are connected and yet find ourselves isolated behind our computers and phones.  It is a great convenience, but I'll admit I'd prefer to text, e-mail or message most people than talk to them on the phone.  There are even times that social engagements kinda stress me out.  I'll say it again, I know I'm weird, but I'm just being honest.  

With out putting ourselves out there, without giving of ourselves, there are moments that are being missed that would touch someones life.  This thought kinda goes along with my last blog, I guess.  It's the idea that if you are walking this life with the purpose of being used by God then we need to be willing to be used by God.  you can say, "I want to be used by God." But, if your actions show that you are wrapped up in your own life and too busy to engage in other peoples life then, well, do you want to be used by God?  hmm, kinda stings a bit...

The other thing that occurred to me was this: it is as simple as a smile, eye contact, saying hello, ENGAGING.  It sounds simple and silly but look around next time you are out and about.  People are glued to their phone screens, they have ear buds in their ears and their heads down.  We are a society that ignores eachother.  This leads to loneliness and isolation. This is not Gods plan for his creation. We are meant to engages, help and support each other.  

Your 'hello' could make some ones day.  Your smile could be what brings someone back from a path of despair.  A helping hand in the gorcery store parking lot, is an act of Gods love. Be willing to plant the seed, full well knowing that you will never see the shade that the tree provides in the future.

hmm, look at all those words, quite a lot for someone who said they weren't going to eleborate.  I lied, I'm sorry.  I guess I will eleborate...

Have a good weekend and get out of your own head and go be nice!  

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