Sunday, October 17, 2010

Never Ignore the Nudge: Part 2

With all the hostility that followed after my last blog post I guess apologies are in order.  I never intended to string anyone a long....really...ok maybe a little bit...pique interest...ya know...keep you coming back??? Ok so I'll just say it... I'M SORRY.

First rule of blogging... Don't give your reader too much to read, keep it short and sweet. 
Second rule of blogging...Add pictures!

We all know I am not a rule follower, it's not that I like to break the rules it's just that my natural paths never seem to fit within the rules.  I'm weird, there I said it, you were thinking it.  I like to be different, I have learned to embrace my oddities, I'm good... 

 I wasn't following either of those rules with the last entry and I was afraid I would loose some people to sleep or cleaning or anything that seemed more interesting than my dronings!  This story is too good to loose people just because I don't know how to shut up....

Oh yea, that reminds me, I have a story to finish huh?  Hmm, where did I leave off....hold on, gotta scroll up...lets see.. Oh ok, so to continue on...

Blog was posted, I went to bed, that was that.  Ha, ha, I'm tempted to end it here for now... I can hear the groans and growls now.  I wouldn't do that, not really, would be a good laugh but...Ok, Ok, OK.

That was most definitely not that.  I thought it was. I didn't envision me posting more for a month or so. This adoption stuff was gonna take some time.  I was at peace with that. It was ok. God was in control and I had turned over a new leaf.  I would not try to be in control this time. I had reliquished it and I planned on keeping it that way. So I went about my week as if all was in place, all was in motion and all was as I thought it should be.

Little did I know that someone, far, far, far away had read my blog post; just a simple aquantence of mine. Little did I know that she was feeling a nudge.  We're gonna call this girl Cat.  (Why? Because she was the catalyst, the initiator, the nudge follower.  Besides, Cat sounds better than Nudgie....) 

Cat would later tell me that she knew I had been blogging but had never spent any time reading it.  She would tell me that for whatever reason (the nudge) she snuggled into bed after her kiddo's were asleep and read the whole thing.  I would later find out that my announcement struck a cord with her.  You see,  she had a dear friend that had done IVF about six years ago and had left over embryos.  A few months prior to this she had found out that her dear friend had been wanting to donate them but just hadn't done it yet for a few different reasons.  The next morning she called her friend due to a small little nudge she was feeling and asked her friend if she still had the embryo's they had spoken of awhile ago.  Feeling like it was a very strange question for such an early morning phone call, her friend slowly and with her answer drenched in question said, yes, they did in fact still have the embryos.  We are gonna call her friend, Angel. 

Cat proceeded by telling Angel that if she had the time there was something she just felt the need to read to her (another nudge).  Cat over the phone read MY little ol' blog to Angel.  Angel was touched, there was a sense of connection, or understanding that Angel felt. ( I know I am probably ad lib-ing a bit here, I wasn't there and I can only surmise what she was thinking or feeling but I would venture to guess I am pretty close. So forgive me for adding a little spice to the story) I believe that after the blog was read that Cat in some way told Angel that for whatever reason ( the nudge) she thought maybe this was an option to settle the need and want of finding a family for their remaining embryo's.  I know after that again my little ol' blog was then read to Angel's husband.  The day continued on but a seed had been planted. An idea had been presented, a nudge had been followed and that action set into place other actions. 

I had also gotten an e-mail from Cat to first, encourage me. She told me that she would be praying for us and let me know that my honesty was appreciated.  At the end of the e-mail she had quickly mentioned a friend of hers that had left over embryos.  She had told me that she felt the need (the nudge) to contact her friend and let her read my blog.  I won't lie,  I got pretty excited.  I couldn't help but do a little wondering and dreaming...even a little happy dance!

Everyone getting the point I am trying to make here?  I'm making it super clear so if you are not getting it...well, I don't know, start over and pay attention to the words in BOLD....

The exact time line is just a little foggy to me but I would later learn that Angels husband came home and   discussed the possible avenue of providing a family to their embryos through these strangers they only knew by way of Cat and a silly, rambling blog.  Lets face it, God was speaking to these people, not me.  They were hearing the voice of God while reading that post, NOT MINE!  I would also later learn that while Cat was reading this blog to Angel a sense of peace came over her.  Like she knew at that instant this was the answer to their dilemma.

After Angel and her husband spoke they decided that they were feeling the same nudge.  Angel called Cat to tell her that they would like her to contact me.  

It was a Wednesday night.  I was in our sunroom sewing a wedding shower gift for a friend.  Earlier that day I had deleted all the music off my phone by accident.  This meant that my phone now was operating on a default ring that I was having trouble recognizing as a ring at all.  Bottom line is, because I didn't hear Paolo Nutini singing "Candy" I didn't know my phone was ringing.  It finally registered with me that it was my phone but it was too late.  I ran to the kitchen.  I looked to see who I had missed and it was a phone number I did not recognize.  I checked to find that I did have a voice mail.  It was Cat.  She said she would like for me to call her back.  I can't remember, my heart either stopped cold or raced at that point, either way, I was not getting the proper amount of oxygen to my brain which is why I don't remember.  With hands that were shaking and with blood that seemed to neglect to flow to them,  I hit send to call her back. 

This is when Cat relayed to me that she had called Angel the morning after reading my blog, how she had read my blog to her.  She told me that a day later Angel called her. She then told me that she had a conversation with Angel only minutes before she had called me.  Buh-dahm, Buh-dahm.   I could barely hear Cat through the sound of my heart beating clean out of my chest.   She had said that Angel and her husband wanted her to contact me to let me know that after reading my blog, spending a day or so in prayer and discussing things together, they wanted to offer their embryo's to us. 

Ok, wait, take a moment. Did you get that.  Strangers, who had only read my blog and who were sensitive to the nudges of God were so amazingly and graciously offering their embryo's to me and my husband in order for us to start a family.   Take a moment to understand the magnitude of this gift. Such an amazing gift given.  Such amazing hearts to offer up something so precious.

Now take a moment to say your, 'oh my words" and 'I can't believe its'.  Dance your little jigs if you must.  I did and I still do any time I think about it; and rub the goose bumps from your arms.  This is the real deal folks.  

Here we are. My husband and I followed a path that we spent months praying about.  We looked at steps and hurdles with discouragement but still felt comfortable to jump them if that is what God was asking us to do.  We put one foot in front of the other and just walked where God asked us to.  We for now will not have to jump those hurdles of adoption.  We have been given a ticket on the fast track.  We have been miraculously awarded the possibility to jump ahead and begin our family sooner.  We have also been given the story of a miracle.  We have humbly been touched by Gods works in a unique way.  We are experiencing the intricate details that is required for Gods plans to take place.  

It is humbling, it is heart warming.  It is sheerly miraculous that we have arrived at this point so quickly and by the hands of strangers with the most enormous hearts on the face of this earth.  God is good, we are excited.  We now have 4 little embryos that will soon be ours.  We pray daily that we will get the honor to implant them, carry them, give birth to them and with them call ourselves....A FAMILY.


    Mandy~ This is such amazing news!! What a wonderful blessing Cat, Angel and her husband are!!! We will be lifting you all up in our prayers for this very exciting new chapter in your lives!!!!

  2. Thanks! The prayers are appreciated, so much!

  3. YES-YES-YES......What an awesome God!