Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Little Help Please!

So I have a very dear friend getting married next month.  It is gonna be a super untraditional Wedding.  I LOVE untraditional!!  All the bridesmaids ( or as she like to refer to us, her maids of honor, that's six of us) will be able to wear jeans and t-shirts.  BUT the t-shirts will be designed to display the true name of our secret union, the Ya-Ya girls.  Yes, we have a name, we're proud to admit!!! haha....

Really though, these are the best group of girls a girl could ever ask for! Ya-Ya's, chica's, homie's, it doesn't matter what you call 'em, every girl needs those kind of friends! It's good for the soul, gives you a grounded, good foundation of support!

OK, I'll just say it..... I LOVE YOU MI YA-YA CHICAS! you totally ROCK!!!!!!

Rabbit trail...

I was commissioned, or I volunteered, one of those, don't remember, to design a shirt we could all wear to set us apart from the crowd. My friend wanted to let everyone know, hey, this is my posse, my girls, my YA-YA's!

The bride will be wearing the cutest dress!! I wont give it away, cuz every bride wants to make a stunning, beautiful entrance, and I guarantee you...She will!!!!

So, here is what my guidelines were, Main colors: brown, teal, black and white.  I was instructed to include the words YA-YA and I guess that is about it...

Here is where you all come in.... I need you to vote for you favorite.  I'll  number them and in the comments section, just tell me what # you like best!  :0)

Thanks for helping.  Here you go...





Thanks for your help!!! I will be sure to let you know which one wins!  Oh, and, I will post pictures of us all in them once they are printed!! 

Never underestimate the need for good, close, true, YA-YA's!!! :0)


  1. i like 2 then 3. maybe 2 on the type pf shirt 1 is. cute idea, make sure you post pics of the wedding. :)

  2. I vote #2 but a close and I mean very close second is #3 ... well I might have to reverse the order cuz the black with the cross is super awesome! :o)

    By the way ... I LOVE YOU :o) You're the best, ya-ya!

  3. so what did you decide? :) Can't wait to see!

  4. We went with the Style if the black shirt but we chose a tan shirt instead. After talking with the printer he thought a lighter colored shirt would be better to show off a design. I will definitely post pics when they are done! :0)