Friday, October 1, 2010

We've moved, We're Less Advantageous, and We're OK With That

Welcome everybody!

I moved, and I am happy with it so far.  Mostly cuz here does not cost me any money!  I think I tried too hard before so things will be more simple here.  More random sure, but well, thats who I am! Random, ideas and attractions moving me from here to there...

That's not a bad thing is it?  I don't need medication do I? Don't answer that ok?!

Anyway, things have been super busy for me for the last few months.  This last eleven weeks was one of the hardest semesters I have ever had.  There was lots of work to do and to be honest a lot of proving of myself included in this semester.  I am totally happy with my switch in directions to Video Production but to say the least, it is not as easy for me as Graphic Design was.  That's ok, we all need to be stretched in order to achieve some level of greatness, right?  Every time I think about quitting I tell myself a few things...
1.  This evolved, better focused, Mandy does not QUIT.  She follows through and puts forth the effort it takes to get where she wants to go.

2.  This creativity current I have awoken inside of me cannot be snuffed out by fear or doubt.  It must be fed and cultivated.  Why, because for the first time in my life I feel passion and I feel alive!

3.  My mom did not raise no quitters, dang it!

These things usually get me through the hard times and let me tell you what;  I had my first major breakdown, ever, just about a week ago.  I scared my dog and my husband and truthfully I kinda scared myself! I'm a pretty tough, rough around the edges kind of girl, but that night the water works nearly flooded my office, the self doubt and cursing was out of hand and the threats of walking away from it all were louder and stronger than they have ever been.  The next morning I really wanted to kick Satan in the shins and tell him really nasty things about how I felt about him because he almost had me!  So, I added a #4 to the list...

4. Satan, you're a total jackass and I will never let you win!!!! NEVER!! Scum bag!

I recommend you say that on a daily basis, it feels good and it helps you remember that he is not in charge, your God is, if you let Him be!!  It helps realign your direction and realize who is in charge!  Don't be fooled,  Satan is daily fighting against you!  He wants you to fail, especially if what you are about to do is going to impact others towards Christ.

So, I would like you to see what kept me so busy this semester....But well I feel like it's kinda lame and well, I don't want you to watch it and say, Yikes, she should consider walking away from this... But, I decided I need to learn how to put myself on the line.  Feel confident and let others see what I got, weather they think its good or here ya go

I Had an Camera and Lighting class.  One of the assigments was to shoot in the studio and create a PSA or Comercial.  This is what I did.  I agree a tire commercial needs shots of a sweet looking BMW
on the road performing great moves and stops, but, well I worked with what I had! 

The second assignment was to use a specific camera and to include good lighting and to tell a story, all with in one minute.  I like the visuals of this one, not too fond of the audio, but that wasn't on the grading rubric therefor it was not on my priority list.

And, Lastly, For my Editing class and my Intermediate Video Production Classes I shot this story.  This is my best work so far, I think.  I know it's not magic on screen but its progress and that totally excites me!

Ok, so thats it for now, I have more, but a girl needs to sleep ya know!

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love to all  of you who are reading this now!  Your support is greatly appreciated and does not go unnoticed!

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