Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Three Pack Tuesday

I'm pretty sure I cannont survive without the constant flow of music through my head.  I listen to it in the car, at my desk, when I get up in the morning, when I fall asleep at night, while cooking, playing, cleaning.  It's always on in this house and that's just the way I like it! :0)

Amazon and i-tunes are especially happy for this!

So I thought, I love the pursuit of new music finds, I could share those finds or treasured past finds with you guys cuz, music is a gift and I would like to pass it on! :0) So, here it is, my three pack for today! :0)

First is Ruth Moody.  This is from her latest album 'The Garden'.  She is one of the vocalists from The Waillin' Jenny's, by far one of my most favorite groups of all times.  CHECK THEM OUT!! The song is called Travelin' Shoes.  If I was superwoman I would have just made my own video but I'm not so I took this one and all the others from YouTube.

Good Stuff huh?

Next is Heather Masse from her album 'Bird Songs'.  (What is the correct way to do that anyway?? My Teacher Mrs. Stephens would not be proud right now, note to self, find out how to correctly list a title...) ANYWAY. . . She too is from the group Waillin' Jenny's.  This song is called Mittens.   Couldn't find this song on YouTube with good audio quality so I was forced to make one of those cheesy pic video's.  Don't have to watch it, Just Play it and close your eyes and enjoy, or dance around your computer, that works too!

See told you you'd want to dance! 

And Lastly. . . .I guess ending with the wonderful Waillin' Jenny's is the only way to go.   This song is called Beautiful Dawn.

Mmm. . . mmm. . .mmm good harmonies, huh?

Hope you liked em!  Have a happy day!

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